Stay inspired


Do you ever lose motivation and feel completely stagnant?

I do. I do all the time. Although it’s not culturally acceptable to not be out there crushing it every day, the truth is that it is really not normal to (try to) be in a constant state of action. We need time, space, inspiration, adventure, fun and play. Those activities are just as valuable to our success as pure action. 

I’ve noticed my patterns and when I lose motivation, I know it’s because I have been pushing past my need to dream, play and relax. Yes, dreaming actually is as important as doing AND playing is the ultimate. We have to have fun, let go, live and in the process be fulfilled with anything and everything that flows in from a state of not consciously grinding. 

My solution? 

I refer to my mental list of how I find magic in this world and then I immerse into one of those things to antidote my stagnation. This works so well for me because it changes my flow completely; it feeds me and builds me back up with the energy I need to create and accomplish. Like yin and yang, dreaming and doing exist in a very delicate balance. One cannot exist without the other. 

For me magic exists in SO many ways, there are so many ways to feed myself with creative energy, inspiration and motivation. It’s just about having awareness around when I need it. If I can’t focus, begin losing joy in my actions and start doing things because ‘I have to’ I know it’s time to balance. 

My favourite (low key) ways to do so are: 

Meeting up with a friend or family member, listening to one of my favourite podcasts, lighting a candle, making a biiiiiig cup of holy basil tea, getting in the kitchen and trying a new recipe, picking up a new book, hiking in the forest, swimming in the ocean, creating pottery, journalling, doing an oil massage, listening to really great music really loudly, sitting in the sun, meditating or visualization. 

It’s all about recognizing the need to recharge. I’ve noticed that by finding magic every single day, it helps to keep the inspiration and motivation high for longer periods. You’ve got to light yourself up and feed your energy every day. Take care and give yourself permission to be in a state of absorption, complete inaction and PLAY. 

Stay inspired loves. Feel proud of yourself for how far you’ve come and always give yourself permission to hit the pause button; whether it’s a luxurious trip or a bubble bath, it’ll help your growth more than you know!

Carley ShannComment