Herbal Medicine Consultations



Recommended for: Those with chronic or complex conditions or those seeking a very thorough and personalized treatment plan.

Description: The initial consultation is an in depth, non-invasive, investigation into your unique health history and current health status. Family history, health history and current the current condition of all body systems will be covered in detail. Focus is put on each body system as well as your whole health story. Personalized goals towards achieving your desired state of wellness will be set and the journey towards integrating a natural approach to wellness in the body will commence. Importance is placed on your dreams and aspirations with the goal of inspiring you to take control of your health. Ultimately, your health is in your own hands, you will be doing the healing, I am here to guide you along during your healing journey. After the consultation, you will receive a custom formulation of herbal medicine. Follow-up consultations of varying lengths will be necessary for checking in, monitoring the treatment progress and setting new goals.

*Note: Consultation price does not include herbal medicine prescription.


Recommended for: Those who are looking to try herbal medicine for the first time or those who are using herbal medicine for simple, generalized or acute conditions. For example: cold or flu, indigestion, as a sleep aid, for UTI or immune support. This consultation is a short conversation over the phone or Facetime, about 10-15 minutes. The consultation is necessary to ensure that the medicine will be both safe and effective for you.


Initial Consultation: 60 minutes.. 90$

Follow-up Consultation: 30-45 minutes… 55$

Quick consultation for custom formulation: 10-15 minutes… 20$


50 ml. of tincture… 10$

100 ml. of tincture… 20$

50 g. of dried herb… 10$

100 g. of dried herb… 20$


Please contact me for a complimentary introductory phone call to see if herbal medicine is right for you!