'Spring Break for Your Body' 28 day program.

'Spring Break for Your Body' 28 day program.


It’s spring break... but for your body!

If all of us humans have one thing in common it’s that we want to feel good, am I right?! Although we often look elsewhere for this fleeting feeling, your health IS the foundation that will get you feeling your best in body, MIND and spirit.

The reason we created this program is for that simple reason; we want to help people feel their best. During this 28 day program we embark on a spring-time health transformation. Together Holistic Nutritionist, Brooklyn Belanger and I use holistic nutrition and herbal medicine to safely detox the body from the traditional Western lifestyle. We use both food and plants as medicine to deeply restore the body into an optimal state of health so that you can FEEL GOOD! 


The program includes:

• A 4 week herbal protocol, consisting of a daily tea blend and capsules.

• A 4 week anti-inflammatory meal plan, complete with a shopping list and food-prep guide.

• Weekly live video calls for ongoing support from Carley and Brooklyn.

• A private facebook group with all members for support and accountability during the process.


Spring break for your body is ultimately to give your body a break from the Western diet that we so commonly consume in our culture, which is loaded with processed foods and sugar. These types of food cause inflammation in the body, which is the root of all modern day diseases such as heart disease, diabetes/blood sugar imbalance and autoimmune conditions. Body pain and discomfort are common side effects of systemic inflammation, even mental health disorders can be traced back to inflammation! Instead, you will be guided how to deeply nourish your body using natural whole foods, foods that are nutrient dense and will help your body thrive, lowering inflammation. The daily herbal regimen will aid your body in detoxifying throughout the program. The herbs will rebuild the liver and support the kidneys, two key detoxification pathways in the body, as well as support digestion and proper elimination via the bowels. During the 28 days, emphasis is put on: weight loss, supporting detoxification and increasing energy and mental clarity. Other important elements of wellness will be discussed such as sleep, exercise, hydration and mindfulness.

Do you or someone you know really need a health reset this spring? Grab a friend and join us! We would absolutely love to have you! The program will start on Monday April 15th please register before Tuesday April 9th to secure your spot!

Please contact myself or Brooklyn (brooklyncbelanger@gmail.com) for any additional information.

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