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To us, plants are Wildgold. Wildgold botanicals is a modern day herbal apothecary created by plant magic advocates. Our goal is to connect people to the plant world, to their roots. We are all about finding natural alternatives to common ailments, pairing clients with their unique plant medicines and making products made with REAL ingredients that you can feel good about. Our vision is to facilitate a connection between people and various forms of plant medicines to increase health and wellbeing. Our mission is to share with the world, the magic of medicinal plants and all that they can do for us.

We do this via:
• Consultation/treatment: Individualized treatment from our herbalist, Carley, with custom medicine formulations from our herbal medicine apothecary.
• Botanical Skincare: Our skincare line is for those looking to detox their personal care routine and treat their skin to the highest nutrition possible. These are products you can feel good about; they’re ethically made with only the highest quality ingredients and packaged only in minimal recyclable packaging. You WILL glow.
• Teas & Tinctures for Everyday life: These are blends made with organic plants and plant extracts for ailments that are commonly faced in today’s North American culture. *COMING SOON


Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine all about?! Herbal medicine, also known as ‘Phytotherapy’ is a healing modality whose origin dates back to ancient times. In this practice, we use whole plant medicines of various preparations to heal disharmonies in the human body. Throughout history there has been documentation of people using plants to heal. Plant medicine is a sacred practice with roots in every culture around the world.


The world we live in has changed, it is difficult to escape the toxicity of present day times and many people have completely lost touch with the natural world. We weren’t made to ingest synthetic materials, super processed foods and chemicals. Exposure to these man-made compounds is a large part of the reason we are suffering from chronic and complex health conditions today. Our true roots lie within the earth and our bodies understand things that come from the the natural world; plant foods and plant medicines. Evolutionarily, the natural world is what we understand and restoring our connection to it is what will ultimately restore our health.


I practice herbalism by discussing with you (in detail) about your very unique health story. We decide upon your customized health goals and create a detailed action plan which involves a one-of-a-kind prescription for plant medicine formula, which will slowly bring your body back into a state of health. I formulate using only 2-5 carefully selected plants in each formula. I like to use fewer plants to provide a more focussed treatment.

My formulas are done in the form of:

Tincture -Just like a tea is an extract of a plant in hot water, a tincture is a plant extract done in ethyl alcohol. Alcohol efficiently extracts many phytochemicals (the good stuff) from a plant, leaving you with a highly medicinal liquid, the tincture. Tinctures are a great way of getting medicinal plants into your body in physiological doses, doses that will physically affect on the functioning of your body. To use, simply add the tincture into a small amount of water and drink. Yes, tinctures are controversial in some circumstances. Although tinctures are harmless in small doses for most, teas and glycerites (infusions in glycerin) are other appropriate medicines for those who choose not to ingest alcohol.

• Dried herb -a formula of dried plants that can be brewed into a tea using hot water for daily consumption. Teas are a less potent form of herbal medicine than tinctures.

Each herb has an affinity for different systems in the body (immune, skin, reproductive, adrenal, gut/digestive, nervous, etc.) and each herb has a different action that they perform within this system. BUT herbs are incredibly versatile; a single herb can act on many different systems in the body and can perfrom many different actions similtaneously.

The way herbs function in the body makes creating unique formulas interesting; many herbs may perform the same action but they will not be the same in treatment. I look at the whole plant, all of the actions it performs and choose the plant that will work best for each unique circumstance.


It is rare that the effects of a herbal formula will occur very fast, especially if we’re working with a chronic condition. It is hard to let go of the expectation that has been enforced by the pill-poppin’ culture that Western medicine has created. Unless a formula is designed to give relief of an acute (sudden) condition, herbal medicine takes i t ‘ s t i m e. For example, if you are being treated for dysmennorhea (period cramps) your formula will react quite quickly because the dosage and the plants are designed to relieve you symptomatically. BUT, generally, when treating a chronic condition, you can expect to be using a formula for weeks to months, depending on how long you’ve been experiencing said condition. The phytochemicals in a herbal formula slowly work on the tissues and systems in your body to restore them to normal functioning. That’s right, herbs treat the ROOT of the problem, they do not act as a band-aid to cover up your symptoms temporarily, they will restore your body to proper functioning, so that it can do its thing again without the aid of any medicine.

THIS is the bigger picture that is being missed out on in Western medicine. There is no consideration into asking what/why/where/how your body began to fall into dis-ease; what is the ROOT of the problem? Why did this disharmony begin? The medicine that is available to us in this culture is quite often a magic pill to make a symptom disappear without consideration as to how this foreign substance will affect other systems in the body. Don’t get me wrong, Western medicine has its place and has worked complete magic, but it’s not suitable for ALL conditions.

My favourite form of medicine is PREVENTATIVE medicine, keep your body functioning at a high level to prevent disease before it can begin.



Hi all! I’m Carley, the creator of Wildgold Botanicals. Wildgold is my passion project and the route through which I will share my love of natural health and wellness with the world. For as long as I can remember I’ve been mesmerized by the natural wellness world; specifically nutritious foods and natural medicines. I love both the magical aspects of healing and the scientific ‘why’s' that explain what is going on biologically. My interest led me to take a massive leap and in 2014 and I began studying Phytotherapy, the study of Western herbal medicine. I undertook my three year diploma at Pacific Rim College, which is the most comprehensive onsite training for herbalists in North America. There I learned how to treat clients using various forms of medicine in a clinical setting, I thoroughly studied a materia medica of over 200 plant medicines, learned human anatomy and physiology and most importantly, I learned HOW to use herbs therapeutically with many different human health conditions.

I am in love with living a natural lifestyle, keeping my body and home free toxic chemicals and unnecessary pharmaceuticals, nourishing my body with a nutrient dense whole foods diet and using natural alternatives to treat modern day ailments. I’m passionate about taking care of myself, PREVENTING dis-ease and functioning at the highest version of myself possible. My mission is to share with YOU, the magic of a wellness lifestyle and the magic of medicinal plants

I do this VIA:

*Consultation/treatment: Where I discuss with you (in detail) about your very unique health story. We decide upon your customized health goals and create a detailed action plan which involves a one-of-a-kind formula from the herbal medicine apothecary.

Note: I also offer short consultations through which I make custom herbal formulas on an individual basis.

*Botanical Skincare: My skincare line is a treat for those looking to detox their personal care routine and treat their skin to the highest nutrition possible. Of course I only use the highest quality organic plants and oils in my products. You WILL glow.

*Everyday Potions: These are blends of herbs in the form of tincture or tea for ailments that are commonly faced in today’s North American culture. They are handy allies that will aid you throughout the day whatever you are needing; digestive relief, relaxation, a deeper sleep, an energy lift or an immune boost. *COMING SOON

Thank-you for visiting Wildgold, please reach out at any time for any reason.