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To us, plants are ‘Wildgold’. Gold traditionally symbolizes magic, passion, wisdom and wealth, all qualities that are found in medicinal plants.

Wildgold botanicals is a modern day herbal apothecary. Our mission is to advocate for plant magic and to connect people to the natural world, to their roots. We do this by creating potently healing plant-based products and the practice of Western herbalism.

Our products contain elements of self-care, human wellness, sustainability and of course, plant magic. They are crafted with only the highest quality ingredients to provide a deep and lasting shift in those who use them.

We hope to upgrade self-care rituals and provide deep nourishment for mind, body and soul.



Hi all. I’m Carley, the creator of Wildgold Botanicals. I am a trained clinical herbalist who values a toxin free lifestyle, human health and wellness, the planet and sustainability, the natural world and of course healing with medicinal plants. You will find all of these aspects of me ingrained into the products I create and the Wildgold brand.

Creating highly effective products for the Wildgold apothecary is a creative outlet that ignites my soul. Using medicinal plants and my knowledge of plant medicine to create products that promote optimal wellness and social responsibility is my passion. I am in constant gratitude for the opportunity to share this with you.

The work I do is for you, me and the planet. I deeply cherish the wonders of plant medicine and know from my experience as a herbalist how much plants can offer us in the world of wellness. If you follow Wildgold you will likely find bits of information on plant medicines, general human wellness, personal growth, self-care and women’s health as part of a completely holistic view on human health. There is no other way to reach optimal health than to consider all of the facets of yourself as a whole.